Unofficial HTC Sense UI 4.1 leaked

Posted: 06 Aug 2012 07:51 PM PDT

The HTC Sense UI is, by far, one of the best looking skin in the Android platform especially when it's paired with an equally good-looking One X. If anything, the only thing it needs improvement on is its performance and that's just what the new iteration allegedly brings to the table.

The Sense 4.1 is aimed at retaining the good stuff and eliminating the bad and unnecessary. This resulted to a smoother and faster UI deserving for the sleek One X. Here's what the folks from xda-developers.com have uncovered in the latest version.

1. Live wallpaper lag has been fixed
2. There's a dedicated button in the Camera app to switch between Front/Backward facing cameras. (earlier you'd have to go into the menu for that.)
3. A dedicated button to switch tabs in the browser. (You'd have to go into the menu for that, too)
4. Complete removal of all 3D-Effects in the launcher leading to a completely lag-free experience.
5. Probably the most important – Rebased on Android 4.0.4
6. Added ability to remap the recent apps button / Long-press recent apps / Long-press Home as Menu. (yes, it removes the Virtual menu bar) under Settings->Display, Gestures and Buttons
7. New, blazing fast kernel. We mean it. It scored a pretty impressive 59oo+ in Quadrant benchmark (compared to 5100+ on Sense 4)
8. Wifi-dropping/ Icon showing weak signal Fixes.
9. Better Battery life- 5 Hour+ Screen-on time as compared to a measly 3 Hour+ on Sense 4.

If you own an international version of HTC One X and know a thing or two about tinkering with your OS you can already install the Sense UI 4.1 along with a stable version of custom Android 4.0.4 ROM. You can find the information on how to do it, as well as the download link here.


Samsung holds month-long Thank You Sale

Posted: 06 Aug 2012 08:30 AM PDT

As a sign of gratitude after being named number the leading mobile phone brand, Samsung Philippines is holding a nationwide sale from August 4 – September 2.

Based on a monthly retail tracking done by the research firm GfK, the South Korean company holds the top spot in the mobile phone industry in our country.

To show their appreciation, they are offering discounts and promos through their partner retailers and distributors.

For details about their promos and offerings and the list of participating stores you can go to their Facebook page or see the poster below.

ZTE Light Tab 2 Review

Posted: 06 Aug 2012 07:45 AM PDT

There's a lot of 7-inch Android tablets from multiple manufacturers currently out in the market, making the 7-inch category a highly competitive one. ZTE is not allowing itself to be left out by releasing a follow-up to last year's Light Tab. Now with faster and better specs, let's find how the Light Tab 2 fairs this time around.

Design and Construction

At first glance the tablet looks really solid. It is obviously made in plastic but doesn't look cheap at all. The entire body has a matte finish with the glossy part left for the bezel.

At portrait position, you'll find the headset jack and a speaker right on top. Down at the bottom is the microUSB port, microphone and another speaker. On the right side is the power/sleep button and the volume rocker. On the front above the display is the front-facing camera and down below are the Home, Options and Return touch buttons. Turn it on its back and you'll find the 3.2 megapixel camera. Remove the back panel and you'll see the SIM card slot and microSD slot.

As for its dimensions and weight I can say that the Light Tab 2 is thicker and heavier compared to the likes of Ainol and Bmorn but not at all bulky or uncomfortable to hold.


The Light Tab 2 has a 7-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels at 170ppi. Not the best resolution out there but viewing angles are good, color vibrancy is okay and not painful to watch movies with.


For your picture taking needs, you will have to settle for a 3.2 megapixel camera with no LED flash. Images appear bland and bluish even with sufficient amount of light. It can also record videos but only in VGA quality.

UI, Multimedia and Apps

The device comes with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread out of the box with slight customization. This is a downside if you're used to seeing and using Android Ice Cream Sandwich. As of the moment I haven't found any news about an ICS update. But overall, the device is snappy 95% of the time. I did experience some lags but not that serious.

As expected from Android multimedia is not a problem but I suggest using earphones when listening to music or watching videos as the speakers are a bit on the weak side. As for apps, the Google Play Store is here to hook you up. I also want to note that Temple Run works well on the Light Tab 2. No graphic flickers and the Gyro works flawlessly compared to other Chinese Android Tablets we've reviewed so far.

Calling and Texting

The Light Tab 2 is also a phone with 3G capabilities. It accepts a regular SIM cards. Call quality is good. The person on the other line was able to hear us clearly even with a lot of background noise. But I strongly suggest using headphones to hear your caller instead of relying on the weak speakers. As for texting, nothing new here. Just expect to use a bigger keyboard when sending SMS.

Performance and Benchmarks

Quadrant Standard gave it a score of 2,297 – scoring higher than the HTC Desire HD. AnTuTu gave it a score of 3,561 – scoring higher than the Google Nexus S. As for the graphics, NenaMark gave it a score of 20.2fps.

Battery Life

I was able to squeeze 3 days on the Light Tab 2's 3,400 mAh battery. This is with regular WiFi browsing, texting and a couple of calls. But when I went heavy on multimedia such as watching videos, playing music and gaming, it lasted almost two days.


The ZTE Light Tab 2 is a fully capable tablet phone that can do what is expected of it but overall it has nothing great to offer. The Android Gingerbread makes it seem outdated considering that most tablets right now are shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich. Speaker volume quality and battery life can be improved as well.

All in all the Light Tab 2 is pretty basic. For a retail price of Php15,490, it could be better.

ZTE Light Tab 2 specs:
7.0-inch LCD @ 1024×600 pixels, 170ppi
1.4 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon
Adreno 205
512 MB RAM
up to 32GB via microSD card (4GB pre-installed)
3MP rear camera
VGA front-facing camera
HSDPA 14.4Mbps, HSUPA 7.2Mbps
Dolby Mobile Sound Technology
GPS w/ aGPS support
FM radio tuner
Li-Ion 3400mAh battery
Android 2.3 Gingerbread

What we liked about the Light Tab 2:
• Good, solid build
• Decent performance
• Good viewing angles
• Has 3G/HSDPA connectivity

What we did not like about the Light Tab 2:
• Android Gingerbread instead of Ice Cream Sandwich
• Speakers are a bit weak
• Battery life can be improved

Globe relaunches new and enhanced website

Posted: 06 Aug 2012 04:05 AM PDT

At one point in our lives we've waited in line or queue for us to be assisted by a telco associate. To make things worse, the wait time could even reach an hour or two if you're unlucky enough.

If only the information we need was readily available for us, we wouldn't have wasted your waiting for your turn. And that's exactly what Globe is trying to address with their new website.

The new Globe website is aimed at empowering their subscribers, whether postpaid or prepaid, by giving them access to the usual information and services they need when they need it. Some services which are only available through Globe outlets can now be done through the revamped website.

Users just need to setup an online account using their email or their Facebook, Google or Yahoo credentials to login to the Globe's enhanced website and take advantage of these services:

• Enrolling and viewing account/s
• Check your current billing statements
• Pay bills
• Information about FAQ about account related concerns
• Change Postpaid plans

As we all know, security can be an issue anytime a credit card information is involved. Globe isn't taking chances so they teamed up with a reputable online pay service to keep your payment information secured.

But having an online account (or signing on to it) isn't always required to take advantage of the services that the enhanced site has to offer. As long as your query or concern doesn't involve any account related details, you're not required to login to your account. These services are mostly about handset-related concerns like troubleshooting and information about other Globe services that we usually call the hotline for.

Globe has certainly put in a lot of thoughts on making this website and the services it offers possible and according to them this is just a start as they plan to include other services and guides in the future. This is certainly a great step for the company as well as their subscribers. Feel free to browse through and familiarize yourselves with the revamped website especially the Help and Support section here.