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Former Obsidian and Blizzard Developers Bringing New Steampunk Fantasy Game to Linux

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 04:50 AM PDT

Iocaine Studios is an indie game development team consisting of former Obsidian and Blizzard developers that have worked on titles such as Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, and Fallout: New Vegas.

They are working now on Steam Bandits: Outpost, a free-to-play town-building game harnessing elements from games like Civilization, Sim City, Animal Crossing, Tropico, and The Sims. 

Our team loves playing games like Civ, but we've gotten pretty annoyed with how current games limit how much you can play without bugging your friends or spending your money. We want to make a free-to-play game that brings over the fun things from town-builders, but leaves behind the annoying stuff--and since we love games like Civilization, we're going to sprinkle in some cool features from non-casual games to push this genre forward.

  • Build up an outpost by constructing buildings that do different things.
  • Harvest resources from those buildings.
  • Use those resources to construct even more awesome buildings.
  • Customize your buildings' colors and addons to make your outpost feel truly unique!
  • Select outfits for your character and choose from hundreds of combinations!
  • Collect pets that you can customize to roam your outpost.
  • Send airship captains out on missions to bring back rewards, and customize them too
  • Link up with your friends' outposts and captains for resource bonuses.
The project has reached its target of $30k on Kickstarter with 8 days left. The game has been made using Unity3D engine. A Linux version has been confirmed but it will be available after Unity3D 4 is released in early 2013. The game will be out in October 2012 for other platforms.

Ubuntu Desktop Environment Usage Statistics

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 03:21 AM PDT

Ubuntu's popularity contest or Popcon project is an attempt to map the usage of Ubuntu packages.

It reports the system architecture you use, the version of popularity-contest you use and the list of packages installed on your system. For each package, popularity-contest looks at the most recently used files, and reports the filename, its last access time and last change time.

This data is sent to a server server weekly and everyday the server anonymizes the results and publishes the survey on Popcon website.

ISV_Damocles did a nice analysis of this data on Reddit. Below is a meaningful breakdown, however before proceeding ahead but make a note of this:

Not all Ubuntu users have popularity-contest enabled. It's disabled by default and most Ubuntu users have likely never heard of it. So this will not show a true picture of DE usage on Ubuntu. Also the results may not be 100% accurate.

In all total 2,381,625 machines are submitting installed packages details to Popcon. 'Installed' refers to the number of people who have installed packages, not taking into consideration how frequently these packages are used or if they have been upgraded recently.

Out of 2,381,625, xorg is installed on 2,363,432 machines and rest 18,193 are headless machines.

DE Package Name Total Users Recent Users (used in last 30 days)
Classic Gnome gnome-panel 1527309 (59.96%) 62875 (28.24%)
Unity unity 397130 (15.59%) 71106 (31.94%)
KDE kdesktop 237579 (9.32%) 50369 (22.62%)
XFCE xfce4-panel 238688 (9.37%) 10165 (4.56%)
Gnome Shell gnome-shell 106107 (4.16%) 24626 (11.06%)
LXDE lxde-common 29589 (1.16%) 1375 (0.61%)
E17 e17 10696 (0.41%) 2076 (0.93%)

Do note that above results also takes into consideration multiple DE's installed on a system.

The data above is quite self explanatory, Unity is currently the most used DE in Ubuntu, followed by Classic Gnome. Gnome Shell comes fourth trailing behind KDE.

Overall, Classic Gnome has maximum share. Probably users haven't upgraded to Unity and are still using older Ubuntu versions. Or probably they didn't like Unity and switched back to Classic Gnome. It is also possible that growth of Classic Gnome has stabilized and the figure just represent the consolidated share Classic Gnome has gained in many years.

Unity and Gnome Shell are new entrants in above data. They were introduced nearly the same time. However, Unity has grabbed higher share than Gnome Shell in total users, probably because it is default DE. Unity is followed by KDE and XFCE, both having equal share.

If you are wondering about stats for different architectures, about 21.85% use 64bit and 77.87% use 32bit (rest others).