Trends in the China video market

Friday 17 August 2012

Trends in the China video market

In addition to strong potential video content demand in China, the market has developed rapidly due to government intervention and delays in establishing copyright protections. Content is delivered via traditional broadcasting firms, as well as through the dramatic rise of Internet firms and TV vendors delivering content through connected and smart TVs. There are currently 400 million TVs in use, and each year sales of TVs in China exceed 40 million.

Connected TV sales in China (m units), 2010-2014

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Table of contents
China's unique video content market
    Chart 1: Key numbers in China's video content industry
    Factors affecting China's video content market
       Chart 2: Key factors in China's unique video content market
       Aggressive government intervention
       Delayed recognition of copyrights
       Large video content market and industry
    Differences within China's various video content market
       Chart 3: Main differences of China's video content market
       Low valued video content
       Chart 4: Average monthly cable fees by country, 2011 (US$)
       Total control by TV stations
       Closed video content industry
       Rapid growth of video websites
       Chart 5: Estimated connected TV sales in China (m units)
Status of China video market/industry
    Broadcast TV market and industry
    Broadcast TV market and status quo for the industry
       Cable TV
       Chart 6: Analogue and digital cable TV viewer numbers and digital switchover growth and projections for China, 2008-2012 (k users)
       Chart 7: Digital switchover share for cable TV, by provincial-level region, 2011 (%)
       Terrestrial TV
       Chart 8: Growth in China terrestrial analog and digital TV viewer numbers, 2011-2016 (k households)
       Direct satellite broadcasting
       Television sets
       Chart 9: China retail color TV 2006-2012 (k units); 2011 market share rankings
    Online video market/industry
       Online video is China's most popular Internet service
       Chart 10: User base and percentage of total broadcband users for the China online video market, June 2008-December 2011 (k users)
       Chart 11: Types of online video firm in China and share of advertisement revenues, 1Q12
       Industry mergers and restructuring
       Chart 12: Size and growth rates for China online video market, 2009-2013 (CNYm)
    Mobile TV market and industry
       CMMB is already the world's biggest mobile broadcast TV network
       Lack of content and interactivity a bottleneck to CMMB development
       Chart 13: CMMB service in China
       Opportunities for brought about by CMMB for other devices
    Connected TV and IPTV
       Tri-network convergence has accelerated IPTV development
       Chart 14: User numbers and year-on-year growth rates for IPTV in China, 2006-2012
       Penetration of connected TVs in China reached 40% in 2011
       Chart 15: Evolution of connected TVs in China
       Chart 16: Connected TV sales and market share, 1H09-2H11
Major players and business strategies
    Business strategies of broadcasters
       Chart 17: Advantages and disadvantages of broadcasters
       Business strategies
       Chart 18: Business strategies of broadcasters in China
       Table 1: China web TV stations
       Chart 19: Changes to IPTV business model before and after tri-network convergence
    Strategic analysis of video websites in China
       Table 2: Major video websites in China
       Advantages of video websites
       Chart 20: Strengths and weaknesses of China's video websites
       Threats faced by video websites
       Video website business and operational strategies
       Chart 21: Business strategies of China's video websites
       Chart 22: Copyright alliances among video websites
       Chart 23: China video website revenue share from advertising, 4Q11
    TV vendor strategies in connected TV market
       Chart 24: Shipments and penetration rates of connected TVs in China (m units)
       China's TV industry
       Chart 25: Ranking sahre of flat-panel TV sales in China, 2011
       Internet connection features in TVs
       SARFT takes over connected TVs
       Betting on smart TVs
       Chart 26: Smart/cloud and connected TV platforms in China
       Chart 27: Different emphasis for smart TV makers
       Chart 28: Competitions between smart TV and connected TV platforms
    Telecom player strategy
       Variations in mobile video services among the three main providers
       Table 3: Mobile video service strategies among three largest telecom providers
       China Mobile
       China Telecom
       China Unicom
       Continuous efforts to increase market share in mobile phone video content
       Chart 29: Mobile phone service customers and market share of video content providers
    Multiple platforms and end market devices
    Competition brings new values to services
    Restored recognition of content value

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