Restonic Mattress Reviews

Restonic Mattress Reviews

Continental Quilting Waterproof Youth/Twin Bed Pad 36 x 54-Inch Review

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 10:29 AM PDT

Continental Quilting Waterproof Youth/Twin Bed Pad 36 x 54-Inch
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This is the most cheaply made mattress pad I have ever seen! It is NOT the correct size for a twin bed. It also does not wash well at all. After only a short time in the dryer it has burn spots all over it! I would not recommend this product to anyone for any reason!

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Beds Up Adjustable Elevating Insert Review

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 08:10 AM PDT

Beds Up Adjustable Elevating Insert
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Now that I have the Beds Up Insert fully assembled and have installed it on my queen-size bed, I am pretty satisfied with the product. It does what it's supposed to do.
It comes with 3 different height adjustments: 2, 4 and 6 inches. I chose the 4 inch adjustment. I slept on the bed for the first time last night with the Beds Up Insert installed, and to be honest, when I was lying in bed I couldn't detect that the bed was on an incline. That's because there is no curve or bend in the mattress. The device is placed under the box spring. It fits on top of/inside the regular bed frame -- using your original bed frame as its base. You lie flat on the bed, but the head of the bed is raised. So, it's really a great concept.
When you're standing by the side of the bed, however, it's quite obvious that the head of the bed is raised. Four inches doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it's significant when you're looking at the bed from the side. Be prepared that your bedspread/bedskirt will be lifted off the floor at the head of the bed. So, it's not the most attractive looking sight. But, if you're highly motivated to elevate the head of your bed, it's worth it. In my case, I've got a bad case of GERD, so I'm motivated. I've tried using blocks and bunching multiple pillows at the head of the bed. Those solutions aren't very satisfactory. This device is a much more logical method of dealing with the situation.
The construction of the materials provided is solid and just as durable as the original bed frame. I don't fear that it's going to collapse under our weight (although, on the other hand, I'm not going to tempt fate by doing jumping jacks on the bed, either!).
My major complaint about this product is the absolutely abysmal documentation that comes packed inside the box. There is a one-page set of instructions for assembling the device. In the shipping box that I received, it had been thrown inside the box along with all of the hardware, and by the time I pulled it out of the box, it was a crumpled, ripped mess. I did the best job I could to flatten it out and I used scotch tape to mend the rips, then I placed it in my flat-bed scanner and printed it out. So, I at least had a document I could read.
There are no meaningful step-by-step instructions for assembly provided by the manufacturer. There is one diagram of the assembled device, with some numbers pointing to a few strategic points on the diagram. There's no parts list. No labeling of parts. No close up diagrams of each step in the assembly process. It's just a mess of parts and you're left to your own instincts/skills to figure it out.
I'm not a novice when it comes to assembling furniture. I've bought a ton of these sorts of "assemble at home" kits over the years. I'm pretty handy and mechanically inclined. But, I've never seen anything like this before. When I first pulled everything out of the box and organized all of the pieces and fasteners, I was panicked for several minutes. I honestly had no idea what to do. The so-called instructions were almost worthless.
I managed to put the thing together by just using my mechanical ability and experience in assembling other kits. My wife is more spatially-gifted than I am, so I enlisted her help in getting the piles of hardware to resemble the finished-piece illustration provided by the manufacturer. I must say, however, that it shouldn't have been this difficult. Surely they could have found someone who could put together even some rudimentary step-by-step instructions. I would have even been happy with the mangled English instructions often found in Japanese/Chinese product documentation.
One other thing that really made me crazy is that there were so many pieces of hardware left over after I completed the assembly. I've never had that happen before. With other assemble-at-home kits, every piece of hardware is used. They give you the EXACT number of screws, bolts, clamps, etc. that you will need. No more, no less. It was quite disconcerting to end up with all sorts of screws and bolts that I never needed. What was that all about? I am sure, however, that I've got it all put together so it's structurally sound. Nonetheless, it's pretty strange to have multiple pieces of excess hardware left over.
When I finally got the device fully built and installed, I was really relieved. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to pull it off.
As I said earlier, I'm satisfied with the finished product.
One other thing, be sure to shop around for the best price. There are large differences in price for this product on the web.

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Air Cloud Luxury Collection High Rise Full Air Bed Review

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 04:31 AM PDT

Air Cloud Luxury Collection High Rise Full Air Bed
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After a recent interstate move meant I'd be staying in an empty apartment for at least two weeks before my furniture arrived, I ordered this inflatable bed. When I woke up the first morning to find it had partially deflated during the night, I wasn't concerned because the instructions said that might happen during the first inflation. There were no visible holes, so I checked to make sure the outflow valve was closed completely and reinflated it.
I have now slept on this bed for six nights, inflating it every night just before I go to bed. Every morning I wake to find it partially deflated and sagging in the middle. I am still able to sleep on it -- the leak is slow enough that that it doesn't empty completely during the night -- but it's not satisfactory particularly considering how much it cost.
I'm not going to return it because saggy as it is, it's still better than sleeping on the bare floor and better than paying for a hotel room for several nights. But be warned: don't buy this unless you're able to ship it back if it's defective. Even if I wanted to return it, I couldn't because it's too heavy and bulky to carry that far.

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Breathable Baby Universal Crib Bumper Review

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 01:00 AM PDT

Breathable Baby Universal Crib Bumper
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When I was pregnant and shopping for the nursery, I was torn between what type of bumper to buy. One one hand I liked the softness of the Carter's brand bumper, but I liked the "breathable" bumper because my daughter was born in the beginning of summer and I wanted her to stay as cool as possible; so I bought the breathable bumper. When I put it on the crib, it looked very nice and while my daughter was little and imobile, it was very useful. As soon as she began to roll around, about 4 months, I would wake in the night to screams...her litttle arms and legs would get caught in the spacing of the crib, up and over the bumper! She would roll and turn while sleeping and apparently her limbs would lift over the bumper and the bumper would crumble under the light pressure of a babies arm. I have since bought the Carter's brand bumper and I am happy. It stands up to her limbs and no more limbs get caught. Great idea, but bumper needs work.

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The Award-Winning Breathable Baby Breathable Bumper reduces the risk of suffocation, entanglement and climbing. With the increased awareness of crib safety, the Breathable Bumper is an exclusive fabric with A.C.T. Air Channel Technology that promotes air-flow and helps maintain air access. This product has been Pediatrician evaluated and recommended. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside the crib. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and fast drying.

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