New Evernote Blog post

New Evernote Blog post

Evernote Food Update for iOS and Android: Facebook Timeline Sharing, Better Tweets, Faster Meals

Posted: 15 Aug 2012 09:19 AM PDT

For months now, I’ve been using Evernote Food to document dozens of meals at home, at restaurants and while traveling. Today, we have an update for both iOS and Android that makes sharing those amazing meals with your friends a better experience. In addition to sharing, we also made Related Notes even more magically relevant to the meals you’re viewing.

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Sharing to Facebook

When you share your meals to Facebook, they now appear in your timeline. Unlike in previous versions of the app where the post would have a small thumbnail accompanied by some descriptive text, now your meals really shine, letting your friends see exactly what you ate with a large photo that showcases the content. When you share, you’ll even be able to choose which image from your meal gets the large treatment.

Shortened URLs in Twitter

Gone are the long Evernote URLs that used to show up in a Tweet sent from Evernote Food. We now present the links using our short URL. That makes for a much more attractive Twitter stream.

Better Related Notes

Our goal is to make Evernote smarter, and Related Notes are a big step in that direction. Scroll down to the bottom of your meal and we’ll show you several notes from your Evernote account that are somehow related to the meal that you’re viewing. We base the relatedness on a number of different factors, and often the result is a rediscovering of notes that you’d completely forgotten about. In this update, we made Related Notes much more accurate. Take a look at the related notes in your meals.

Better performance

This update includes lots of behind the scenes improvements that are designed to make the app faster and more reliable. You’ll notice that everything is much snappier.

Evernote, Food and ETC

Join us on August 24th in San Francisco for our annual Evernote Trunk Conference. Not only do we have an entire session devoted to Evernote and food, but we also have a special cooking class at the La Cocina community kitchen on Saturday August 25th. You’ll also get to meet the team behind the app and get pointers and ideas from fellow Evernoters. Oh, and there’ll be delicious meals throughout for you to document. Get your tickets today.