New Evernote Blog post

New Evernote Blog post

Friday Quick Tip: Single Note View and Side-by-Side Notes

Posted: 10 Aug 2012 12:30 PM PDT

Ever find yourself working in Evernote and wish you could enjoy a more focused view of one or two notes? Try opening a note, or several notes, in Single Note View using Evernote on your desktop.

Whether you’re using a Mac or Windows machine, simply double click on the note you’d like to get a closer look at in the note list view and drag to expand the window to your preferred size. You can also right-click and select to Open Note in a Separate Window (on Mac) or Open Note (on Windows) and take advantage of Single Note View in Evernote Web by right-clicking on the note (s) and selecting the option open in a separate window.

When Single Note View comes in handy

  • When doing online research. If you’re in the middle of a big research project, bring up one note in Single Note View while you’re reading content online, or copying and pasting information from documents, spreadsheets or emails.
  • When you’re cooking. If you’re the type to bring your laptop into the kitchen while you cook, bring up the recipes you’re making on your screen in Single Note View so you can easily see next steps and larger pictures.
  • When comparing notes. If you want to closely compare two notes from your account, open each one in Single Note View, then drag them until they fit side by side on your screen.

Have you used Single Note View? How has this feature been helpful? Let us know in the comments.