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Learning is in the air

Posted: 19 Aug 2012 10:34 AM PDT

A classroom in the cloud sounds like the stuff of fantasy but for students and staff at TAFE New England Institute, the concept is only weeks away from becoming reality.

Photo: Brisbane Times

For the past six months, teachers at NEI have been working on what they hope will become a learning tool of the future and could change the way students learn around the world.

Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by access to high-speed broadband, the Cloud 9 project aims to create a ''classroom in the cloud'', encompassing at least nine different technologies to provide a collaborative, experiential and self-motivated learning environment.

In practical terms, it will mean that teachers and students will be able to log on to full classroom resources from anywhere, says the acting learning and assessment development co-ordinator with TAFE NEI, teacher Lyn Graham.
Graham says TAFE NEI has already had a couple of trials using the cloud-based technologies and the response from facilitators and students has been positive.

''We have used Coach's Eye technology in an aged-care class on correct manual handling methods,'' she says. ''Students could log on and not just get shown the correct way to do things, but also then be told, via a video-conferencing technology, what they were doing wrong when they tried the techniques.

''The technologies and their applications to the Cloud 9 classroom are so dynamic, and it is even possible, with the mobile applications, that students will soon be able to do their learning on their smartphones as well.''

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Source: Brisbane Times 

From textbooks to tablets: Technology use increases in classrooms by Kym Klass

Posted: 19 Aug 2012 04:25 AM PDT

Photo: Kym Klass
Kym Klass writes, "Lindsey Wright has seen educators go from banning technology in the classroom to mandating it."

The Faulkner University freshman from Blue Ridge, Ga., was one of about 400 incoming freshmen at the school who recently received an iPad that will be integrated into the curriculum.

Photo: Montgomery Advertiser

With the device, Wright knows she will save money on textbooks and spend less time in the library doing research — not to mention having a lighter load in her backpack when she walks across campus.

Everything will now be at her fingertips.

In fact, Wright and other students said their professors have already started to send emails to them with links to e-books they can download for the upcoming semester.

"I'm going to try and get as many as I can," Wright said.

Through "paperless innovation," as it is called, area K-12 schools, colleges and universities will find creative ways this academic year to use iPads, other tablets and cellphones. From homework and tests to digital textbooks, such devices offer numerous ways to eliminate paper, saving dollars and the environment, according to Scientific Learning.

And with more than 15,000 "educational apps" available through Apple's app store, as well as other mobile service providers, teachers and students alike are having no trouble finding content and material for all areas of learning.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser 

Education's next wave: 'Deeper' learning, online grading, (eventual) end of FCAT by ANNIE MARTIN and LINDA TRIMBLE, Education writers

Posted: 19 Aug 2012 04:06 AM PDT

Forget the pocket-sized Spanish-English dictionary high school students used to carry to translate unfamiliar words and phrases.

Photo: Daytona Beach News-Journal

Spruce High senior Ryan Intriago has an app for that on his iPhone. The 17-year-old is typical of a generation of teens who have grown up in a high-tech environment that's making more and more inroads into Volusia and Flagler classrooms as the new academic year begins.

Flagler students returned to classes Thursday and Volusia students will start their new year Monday. Schools are gearing up for a host of changes for this year and future years, as teachers integrate devices like laptops and cellphones into their instruction and transition to a new set of standards that stress depth over breadth.

Many educators are also embracing a flexible approach that encourages teachers to tailor lessons to meet students' needs and empowers families to chart the course for their child's schooling.

In Palm Coast, Robbie and Jacqueline Throne are preparing for their daughter Alana's very first day of school Monday. They've chosen Imagine School at Town Center, a charter school, over the traditional public schools because they liked the smaller environment and emphasis on developing character.

Jacqueline Throne, who also has a 13-month-old daughter, said she's heard from parents with older children about intense homework loads, standardized testing and opportunities to earn college credit in high school. She's thought of the years ahead and says she'd like her girls to graduate from college. But first the Thrones hope to watch their oldest daughter blossom in kindergarten.

"I look forward to her learning as much as she can and getting excited and enjoying learning," Jacqueline Throne said.

Source: Daytona Beach News-Journal

Carew International Announces Launch of Carew On-Demand

Posted: 19 Aug 2012 04:41 AM PDT

Carew International, a leading provider of professional sales training and development programs, has announced plans to launch Carew On-Demand, the organization's new and upgraded online professional development community.

Photo: www.carew.com

Carew On-Demand will present Carew International's incomparable training content in a dynamic and interactive online format for skill development and reinforcement where and when it is needed.

"This new online training and reinforcement vehicle is a natural progression for Carew International's professional development offering," stated Carew CEO Jeff Seeley. "In developing Carew On-Demand, we have taken great care to emulate the comprehensive curriculum, business relevance and high level of engagement that are the hallmarks of our instructor-led training programs," continued Seeley, "while providing the flexibility and convenience unique to online learning."

Carew On-Demand will launch in September 2012 with the release of DPS On-Demand, the online reinforcement for Dimensions of Professional Selling sales training program, Carew's most popular development program. Seeley indicated that future additions to Carew On-Demand  will include real time sales and sales management coaching, gamification, and peer interface via social media platforms.

About Carew International

Carew International is an industry leader in training and development, specializing in comprehensive, proven programs for improved performance in sales, sales management and training for customer service.

For more than 35 years, Carew has consistently delivered dramatic results in productivity and profitability for clients worldwide and is currently recognized among the Top Ten Sales Training Companies by Selling Power Magazine. Carew International is headquartered in the greater Cincinnati area.

For more information on Carew development programs or upcoming sales training events, contact us online at www.carew.com.

Source: Melodika.net

Børn glemmer at tænde for mobilen

Posted: 19 Aug 2012 03:37 AM PDT

24 timer skriver, "En ny undersøgelse, som er foretaget for teleselskabet Telenor, viser, at danske børn typisk får deres første mobiltelefon 18- til 10-års alderen, fordi det for manges vedkommende er det tidspunkt, hvor de begynder at gå alene hjem fra skole."

Foto: 24 timer

I undersøgelsen svarer 8 ud af 10 forældre, at de giver deres børn en mobiltelefon, fordi den skaber tryghed. Med telefonen kan forældrene få fat i børnene, uanset hvor de er, og børnene har mulighed for at ringe hjem, for eksempel hvis de kommer senere hjem end aftalt, lyder svaret fra forældrene.
Men så enkelt er det ikke, for mobildebutanterne har ikke altid let ved at håndtere telefonen.

Foto: Mattias Ringqvist
"Forældrene slås først og fremmest med, at børnene enten glemmer at tænde mobilen eller ikke besvarer opkald," siger markedsdirektør Mattias Ringqvist.

Foruden tryghed peger forældrene på, at mobiltelefonen gør det nemmere for barnet at lave legeaftaler, mens andre mener, at telefonen betyder, at børnene får et tættere forhold til deres venner. Endelig mener næsten halvdelen, at barnet lettere lærer at færdes i den digitale verden.

1.009 forældre med børn i alderen fra 7 til 12 år har deltaget i undersøgelsen.
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Kilde: 24 timer