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New eBook: Network Planning for BYOD and 1:1 Learning Initiatives

Posted: 14 Aug 2012 12:57 AM PDT

Here's the latest Technology & Learning's eBooks below.

Network Planning for BYOD
and 1:1 Learning Initiatives
To provide students with the digital resources they need, districts are embracing 1:1 initiatives, BYOD, and combinations of the two. This eBook talks about the need for a new network architecture and how to create an infrastructure that's scalable, affordable, and secure.

What's Inside the eBook:

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14 Books You NEED to Read Before Pursuing a PhD

Posted: 14 Aug 2012 12:19 AM PDT

Hazel Taylor has been in touch to remind us about this article below.

Photo: OnlinePhDPrograms.com

So you want to get that Ph.D., eh? Splendid! You do realize it might very well wind up one of the most agonizing, ecstatic, grueling, satisfying, emotional, numbing, stimulating, brain-deadening, fulfilling, and soul-crushing experiences of your life, right? Good!

If you're still a plucky, enthusiastic go-getter of a potential student, then pick up some of the following reads for a more detailed glimpse at what to expect and what skills to build before heading off to start on that great big scary (but usually oh-so-worth-it) doctorate.

Source: OnlinePhDPrograms.com

Resetting Education: tapping into the classroom by Faith Merino

Posted: 14 Aug 2012 12:02 AM PDT

Photo: Faith Merino 
"Student response systems like ExitTicket allow students to respond quickly and anonymously." summarizes Faith Merino Reporter, VatorNews. 

A few years ago, when I was a new creative writing teacher at a Brooklyn charter school, I made a rookie mistake. I delivered a lesson on perspective and voice, and wrapped everything up with, "does anyone have any questions?" Fifteen pairs of eyes stared back at me blankly. Finally, one hand went up, and a quiet 10-year-old named Shane asked: "Is it true Chinese people eat dogs?"

In retrospect, I really should've handled it with more poise and maturity, but the question totally blind-sided me and I couldn't stop laughing.

Photo: VatorNews

Most teachers—new and established, alike—know that asking a room full of students if anyone has any questions is pointless, since those that do aren't likely to raise their hand and ask in front of their peers, and those that actually raise their hand may have a question that no one else has. Either way, it means wasted class time.

How do you make sure that every student in the room understands the material without alienating those that don't and slowing down those that do? One of the responsibilities that comes with being a teacher is knowing how to roll with the punches, so many teachers have come up with quick and easy methods to get around this kind of hurdle. One teacher might have his students write their answers on cards and hold them up so that he can look around the room to find out who is struggling. Another might have her students take a brief quiz after a lesson or assignment to see who needs further help.

Source: VatorNews 

YogiPlay Debuts “YogiMeter,” An Educator-Based Rating System For Children’s Learning Apps

Posted: 13 Aug 2012 11:33 PM PDT

Photo: Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez writes, "YogiPlay, a Menlo Park-based company from husband-and-wife team Cedric and Michal Selling, is attempting to tackle the critical problem of surfacing appropriate, trusted, and carefully vetted educational apps for children."

The company recently raised $1 million in VC funding from DN Capital and Richmond Park Partners, in order to develop a system for rating apps for kids, specifically targeting the ages 2 through 8. Today, YogiPlay is announcing the results of those efforts with YogiMeter, its new app rating system designed to help parents find learning apps for children that have been vetted by a team of educational experts.

Photo: YogiPlay

The Sellins are both Stanford-trained engineers, with Cedric hailing from Aruba Wireless and Michal an early Google employee. But they're also parents who grew frustrated with how difficult it was to find quality learning apps for children. Cedric says they were inspired to start the company after watching their two-year old daughter interacting with mobile apps, and realized what powerful learning tools they could be.

In June, the company hired Dr. Jim Gray, who previously served as the Director of Learning at LeapFrog, where he was in charge of all curricula for the last seven or so years. At YogiPlay, he led the development of the YogiMeter system, which has been designed to assess the engagement levels and educational qualities of mobile apps.

"It's using the same principles I've been using all along from my knowledge of child development and interactive media," he says of YogiMeter. "I've structured in a way with some very specific ways to look at how and why kids would be engaged, and if they're engaged, how and why they might learn." He also vetted this rubric with other colleagues not associated with YogiPlay to get their feedback and input.

About YogiPlay
We are a group of parents who believe that mobile devices have the power to be both fun and educational for our kids. Our mission is to help families turn mobile phones and tablets into truly smart devices! Yogiplay was created to give parents insight into their kids' learning and development within a network of personalized, high quality, fun learning apps.
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Source: TechCrunch