iOS 6 won't have YouTube!

Posted: 08 Aug 2012 01:17 PM PDT

Apple have officially announced that their latest tablet and mobile operating system (iOS 6), which is yet to be released will not have the native YouTube app which has been with us from the start.

"our lisence to host a YouTube app on iOS has ended" a spokes person for Apple said.

Another google app to disappear from iOS will be google maps.  Apple will replace it with its own "better" technology.

You will still be able to view YouTube videos in the Safari browser or the new Google chrome browser.  Google will also make a YouTube app which will be available from the app store.

Obviously, these two company's aren't the best of friends.  Google has its android operating system, which runs on nearly all of the iPad and iPhones competitors.  For example, the Samsung galaxy range.

A good thing about YouTube not be native to the operating system is that it might encourage google to make a better YouTube app, and keep updates for the app coming.