No fear earphones- review

Posted: 07 Aug 2012 01:04 PM PDT

These earphones originally cost £13.00 but can now be found for just £3.50 from sports direct.
Link here:

They come in many different colours including: White, black, blue/ red and many other combinations.  They also come with different ear piece sizes which are detachable, if not a little fidely to replace.

One big feature are the cords, which remind you of shoe laces.  They are actually quite stylish and are stuff and so do not tangle like original earphones (eg: the ones that come with an iPod touch). Another different feature is the volume controller in the middle of the cord.  It's very useful for controlling volume, especially when you don't want to reach into your pocket and take out your phone your mp3 player to adjust it.

The actual earpiece produces very good sound and also does a lot to block out the sounds around you, providing you with a good listening experience.  The diameter is 10mm.

Anothert thing to note is the actual length of the cord Of the earphones whichever approximately 1.5 meters, quite long for earphones.

Overall these are very good earphones , maybe even better than the £26.00 apple ones.  The no fear's are brilliant and for only £4.00 these are definitely a must have.  The overall rating is 4.7/5